Dealing with cancer is one of the biggest challenges in life. Suddenly, you feel like the whole world has a new dimension and you wonder, why me... In the moments of fear, anxiety and uncertainty, always remember there is hope. We are here to provide the safest and most effective treatment in the fight against cancer. Let us be your support and create a new world of hope, faith and love for a life together.



The Center for Oncology and Radiotherapy at “Acibadem Sistina” offers conditions that enable efficient, fast and accurate treatment in the fight against cancer. The powerful TRILOGY accelerator has revolutionized radiotherapy. Thanks to its sophistication and power, the cancer receives high dose of radiation therapy while the surrounding healthy tissue remains healthy.

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After the cancer diagnosis, you ask yourself – what now? Do I need to continue with the everyday activities, do I need to change my diet or my lifestyle? There are moments when you needed professional help to overcome the fear and uncertainty. The Center for Oncology and Radiotherapy offers full support for all aspects related to your everyday life.

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Early and accurate diagnosis is of crucial importance for the patients with malignant diseases.... 

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Make your appointment simply and quickly. Fill in the table with all the required information and we will contact you within 24 hours...

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“Acibadem Sistina” Hospital has a highly professional team of experts with years of experience in all areas of medicine. The top medical equipment provides additional security and confidence to our patients, whose number increases every day.

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The most advanced dermatoscope...

Do you check your moles after sun exposure? The risk of melanoma increases due to the harmful effects of the sun. Mole Max HD PRO is the latest generation of dermatoscopes in the world, which helps in early diagnosis of...



Afrodita. P. 58

I would like to express my gratitude to Doc. D-r Nikola Badzakov for his expertise and professional approach...

Dragica N. 53 years

The biggest stress I experienced in life was due to the information that the brain tumor   ...

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